Friday, February 5, 2016

Bagmara Upazila

Bagmara, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Bagmara is a Upazila of Rajshahi district in the division of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Bagmara is one of the largest upazila of Rajshahi district, Bangladesh.

Another upazila of Rajshahi district: Bagha Upazila, Paba Upazila, BagmaraUpazila, Durgapur Upazila, Charghat Upazila, Tanore Upazila, Godagari Upazila, Mohanpur Upazila, Puthia Upazila

Some useful information of Bagmara Upazila:
Established in:
Area: 366.30 Sq. Km.
Population : 3,52,967 (approximately) (up to 2011)
Thana: (Bagmara Thana)
The number of voters:
Union Parishad: 16 (Dwippur Union Parishad, Goalkandi Union Parishad, Gobinda Para Union Parishad, Aichpara Union Parishad, Barabihanoli Union Parishad, Basupara Union Parishad, Ganipur Union Parishad, Sonadanga Union Parishad, Subhadanga Union Parishad, Kachari-Koalipara Union Parishad, Hamirkutsha Union Parishad, Jhikra Union Parishad, Jogipara Union Parishad, Maria Union Parishad, Nordas Union Parishad, Sreepur Union Parishad under Bagmara Upazila, Rajshahi).
Municipality: 2 (Taherpur Municipality (Taherpur Pourashava), Bhabaniganj Municipality (Bhabaniganj Pourashava), Mayor:
Village :
Upazila Land Office: 1, Union Land Office: 7
University :
Govt. High School: 2, Non-govt. 61
Junior School:
Govt. Primary School:104
Reg. Primary School:106
Madrasha :40 (MPO), 35 (Non-MPO)
Govt. Hospital :
Health Center:
Community Clinic:
Union Health Clinic:
Post Office and Postcode: Bagmara postcode: ---
Bank: Sonali Bank Limited, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited etc.
Literacy Rate:
Total Land:
Fertile Land:
Cyclone Center:
Mosque :
Mandir :
Hat-Bazar :
Freedom Fighters:
Shahid Freedom Fighters:
Number and name of constituency: --- Rajshahi-- (Bagmara Upazila)
--------, Member of Parliament(MP), Rajshahi--
Political Party: Bangladesh Awami League

Chairman of Bagmara Upazila: --
Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO): ---

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